Class trip

On Monday morning we bought some food and drinks for the trip. At 10 pm, we should have started, but the bus was late.


In the morning we had to change the bus in Brussels. In Calais we had to show our passports. After that, the bus went into a train and the train went through the Eurotunnel. We arrived in England 45 minutes later. When we finally arrived in London we search for our youth hostel near Oxford Street.


In the evening we went to Piccadilly Circus and ate something at Pizza Hut.


On Wednesday we visited Madam Tussauds.

Later we walked around the city and went shopping. In the evening we ate Fish and Chips in a restaurant and drunk beer in a pub.


On the next day we took the tube to Travelgers Square and from there we walked to Buckingham Palace, where we saw the Changing of the Guards.

Then we walked through Green- and Hyde Park. When we finished our walking, we took a red bus to St. Paul’s Cathedral. There we went to a tower of which we had a good overview of London.


In the cathedral we ate scones with jam and clotted cream. After this we walked to Tower Bridge and made a boat tour on the river Thames. It ended at Big Ben is.

There we took pictures of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliaments. In the evening we ate some tasty food in a restaurant in Chinatown.

When we had finished eating, we took the tube to Tower Bridge a second time. From there we had a great view of London at night.


On Friday we had to leave our youth hostel. We bought some souvenirs for our families and went to Victoria train station. There is a bus stop, from which a bus took us home.


The return journey was very tiring, because there were problems on the borders and with the bus driver.


On Saturday morning we arrived in Hannover and I went to the LBZB.


It was a very interesting and funny trip to London.


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